Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Complete all levels with Happy Wheels - the most popular game in the world. Choosing feature level before starting the game:

- Happy green hill: Enjoy a scenic view of a lush green countryside with aa loved one. Attempt to reach the finish line alive. This is the only level I drew out entirely by hand
- Gut bus extreme: Heavily tested with all characters. Space bar grabs onto the inside of the bus, helping you stay inside - using sparingly! Grabbing alters the physics and causes unpredictability. Feel free to make new versions, add vehicles, change jumps, etc. Give credit to here in credits if you do
- BMX_Park II: It's back with larger jumps, a massive loop (watch your head), and higher speed! Keep an eye out for more spikes, landmines and a new grinder. 
- Obstacle course? Prepare for the thrill of your life. Watch out for bad things. This level isn't too hard. I guess try it out or something.
- Snowy Mountain final: Press Z at the start and hold on to the cable-car. 7 different ways to finish, can you find them all? 
- Dawn of the Dead lv.1: Mr.Black worked with you at BioChem labs, until he went mad and dumped a neurotoxin into the towns water supply. The toxin turns people into blood thirsty mosters; luckily you are immune but you need to release the antidote, save the town and get revenge. You can use C4 in your briefcase
- A large Satan eats u
- TrapTrac
- It keeps happening:
Dismount at the right angel to pull of wicked-sick flips turnways.
- Rope Swings:  Abandon your vehicle and swing your way to success. Remember, after ejecting you can grab onto things with space bar (this is hard)

Game controls: 

Up arrow: accelerate
Left arrow: lean back
Right arrow: lean forward
Down arrow: decelerate
Space bar: primary action (after ejecting: grab)
Shift/Ctrl: secondary actions
Z: Eject

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