Hurry Ambulance

Hurry Ambulance

Controlling an ambulance on a busy road in Hurry Ambulance is fun. Strike the cars ahead to demolish them and gain a competitive edge. When starting the game, players admire a collection of super-cool cars. Players must accumulate a specific amount of bonuses during the game to unlock most of the locked cars. After that, players can select a very attractive playing environment. You can choose one of the following terrains: desert, jungle, or snow. An even more intriguing thing is that players can also experience up to three game modes in each context, from simple to difficult, challenging their driving skills. Indeed, this is a graphically stunning game with a very wide set of features. All of this has created an extremely ideal playground for players to comfortably immerse themselves in each game's pace.

How To Play

  • Control: W, A, S ,D or Arrow keys
  • Nitro: Space

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