Taxi Driver Las Vegas

Taxi Driver Las Vegas

Taxi Driver Las Vegas is a driving simulation game with tremendous action! This game allows players to experience surreal speed racing on dangerous tracks. That's exactly what you will experience in two modes: drift for cash or stunt for fun. As for the drive-taxi mode, it is a completely different experience. In this mode, there are up to ten small levels for players to try. As a taxi driver, your main task is very interesting: picking up and dropping off passengers. Each mission contains many intriguing things, bringing the ultimate moments of relaxation. Not only that, but the game also provides a playground for us to experience the work of a taxi driver. Everything from quality images to accessible gameplay creates an extremely rewarding playground. It infuses immense joy into each moment.

How To Play

  • Throttle = “W”
  • Drive = A, D = Left, right arrow keys
  • Handbrake = Space
  • Change Camera = “C”
  • Slow motion = “H” (hold)
  • Turn on/off the light = “L”

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