Hydro Storm 2

Hydro Storm 2

Hydro Storm 2 is the popular powerboat racing game's sequel, it offers even more exhilarating aquatic thrills. Get behind the wheel of swift hydrojet boats and hydroplanes and prepare to race across beautiful courses at breakneck speeds. You'll race across the oceans while performing death-defying stunts and avoiding natural barriers like rocks and islands with the help of responsive controls.

You can reach incredible speeds by building your boost meter by performing tricks like flips and spins in midair. Pilot boats through courses filled with ramps, sneaky detours, and difficult tidal physics to test your racing reflexes. Upgrade your boat or participate in global leaderboard competitions. Take the wheel of the Hydro Storm 2 for an electrifying experience.

How To Play


[Z]/[LMB] - Primary weapon

[X]/[RMB] - Secondary weapon

[ESC]/[P] - Pause game

[M] - Mute sound

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