Jail Prison Van Police Game

Jail Prison Van Police Game

Jail Prison Van Police Game urgently needs your protection to ensure street security. This city cannot allow these criminals to remain arrogant any longer. When playing the role of a driver, the player must navigate his car through challenging roads. To prevent other vehicles from approaching and affecting the completion of your mission, pay attention to the surrounding situation. Now is the time to demonstrate your adept driving skills and ensure smooth control of the car. Another thing that players need to keep in mind is that after each mission, they will receive a bonus. However, as the mission progresses, the difficulty level increases, requiring the player to have the ability to improvise flexibly.

Game Details

  • Developer: Driving Games
  • Language: English
  • Publish: 2024

Amazing Features

  • Colorful 3D graphics bring a fresh, dynamic feel.
  • Engaging gameplay.
  • There are various game modes to choose from (three modes)
  • Interesting and extremely diverse missions.
  • Six eye-catching modern cars are locked.

Game Modes

There are three game modes in all, and each one has a distinct set of objectives to reach. For the best gaming experience, thoroughly explore all three settings:

  • Career Mode: The game provides up to ten levels for players to experience. In this mode, players need to transport or chase criminals within a limited amount of time. If you successfully pass the challenge, you will receive a bonus.
  • Free Mode: In this mode, players do not need to perform any tasks. They can walk around this neighborhood to get acquainted with the nooks and crannies.
  • Chase Mode: You only have five minutes to complete the mission in this game mode.

How To Play

Control: WASD = Arrow Keys

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