King Kong Kart Racing

King Kong Kart Racing

King Kong Kart Racing is an adorable racing game that takes you on a thrilling race with sweet little animals. Join now and have fun!!!

The Race of a Lifetime

King Kong Kart Racing opens up a fierce competition with other outstanding riders. This is probably a racetrack with an extremely exciting atmosphere because there are many fans standing on both sides of the road cheering non-stop. The game tests your driving skills as well as your ability to overcome opponents, collect items, and maintain a stable racetrack.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

To maintain the track and set their own record, the most important thing is that the player must constantly collect fuel tanks so the car can continue moving. Additionally, the track contains numerous gold coins. If players collect enough, they can unlock many locked items and upgrade their vehicles. So, don't let those adorable opponents leave you behind just because they didn't collect enough fuel. Despite its simple gameplay, this game is brimming with intense action, it makes people fall in love and forget the way home.

Mini Games

In addition to the main racetrack, the game also offers a number of impressive mini-games for players to earn additional bonuses. Players can try their hand at one of the four. The games are known as Guess the Number, Match the Card, Simon Says, and Maze Challenge. After each winning round, the player gets an additional 100 gold coins. And you have to wait 24 hours to play again.

How To Play

Control: “A”, “D” key or left, right arrow key.

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