Madness Driver Vertigo City

Madness Driver Vertigo City

Immerse yourself in Madness Driver Vertigo City's world of modern virtual racing. It definitely takes players into a very real, three-dimensional world.

Two Perfect Game Modes

The game has two distinct playing modes, each providing a unique and spectacular experience. Also interesting is the fact that both game styles feature options that enable players to select between one- and two-player modes.

  • Racing: The game offers a variety of adventures across up to ten small levels, challenging the player's driving skills. Here, players can compete against a large number of AI opponents to see who can finish the quickest.
  • Free Drive: In a large virtual environment, players can have freedom of movement. Besides, on a quest to gather diamonds, explore every breathtaking area of the city.

Fantastic Upgrade

There are a variety of car models currently locked that require a significant amount of gold or diamonds to purchase. Furthermore, the way the function alters the color or design of the wheels is truly remarkable.

How To Play

Player 1

  • Drive = WASD/ arrow keys (1 - player mode )
  • Nitro = L-shift
  • Restart = “R”
  • Look Back = “T”

Player 2

  • Control = Arrow keys
  • Nitro = R-shift
  • Restart = “O”
  • Look Back = “P”

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