Obby Vs Noob Driver

Obby Vs Noob Driver

Helping the characters finish the road takes a lot of patients in Obby Vs Noob Driver. Get your teamwork skills tested in this extremely awesome race. The road here is not flat at all. They contain obstacles that can cause your car to overturn. Therefore, in order for the cars to reach the finish line safely, a specific strategy is required. Observe the specific situation and control the vehicle at an appropriate speed. In this game, you can team up with your friends or go through the challenge alone. Conquer all difficulties with your own talent. I wish you a great time playing the game and successfully completing all rounds.

How To Play

  • Red character: WASD
  • Green character: Arrow keys

Tips and Tricks

In addition to maintaining a steady speed, use acceleration when necessary. Coordinate well with your gaming partner, and keep the car intact until the finish line.

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