Offroad Racer

Offroad Racer

It's time to climb firmly, grasp the steering wheel, and conquer every mountain in Offroad Racer. Have you ever raced on such treacherous terrain? Here, you will compete against AI opponents with extremely high racing abilities. They have a total of five automobiles and one large truck. Consequently, you need to make an effort to outdo them and get to the finish line in the first place. The purpose of this playground is to give you a chance to show off your driving skills. Additionally, it enables you to gain more expertise while racing in such hazardous terrain, which is a significant benefit. Make an effort to grow and unlock new levels.


  • Compete with extremely engaging AI opponents.
  • Extreme 3D graphics increase the thrill of playing.
  • Unlock many new levels of play and increase the game experience.
  • Experience realistic driving physics on rough terrain.

How To Play

  • Driving: WASD/ Arrow keys.
  • Handbrake: Spacebar
  • Nitro: Ctrl
  • Change camera: “C”
  • Menu: Esc

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