Police Bike Stunt Race Game

Police Bike Stunt Race Game

Welcome to Police Bike Stunt Race Game - our newest motocycle game. These features will give you a new attitude about bikers:

  • An enormous, painstakingly crafted open world
  • All bike crashes feature ragdoll physics and real motorcyclist physics.
  • You can drive on miles of city streets, rural roads, and other types of terrain.
  • A highly realistic police motorcycle simulator
  • True-to-life physics for driving and first-person gameplay
  • Destructive effects on vehicles in real time
  • Equipment for law enforcement that is top-notch, including superior automobiles and firearms
  • Nonstop action and an uncapped number of missions!
  • Accelerate to record speeds thanks to potent nitro boosts
  • Police sirens and lights that change on the fly
  • HD camera angles for the action
  • Enjoyable Player Animations

How To Play

W- Forward
S- Back
A- Left
D- Right
I- Instruction
P- Pause
L- Lock
M- Mission Selection
Left Shift- Nitro
H- Siren
G- Garage
R- Reset
C- Camera Change


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