Predatory Machines 6

Predatory Machines 6

In Predatory Machines 6, crazy racing cars engage in a fierce battle. This game promises to deliver several thrilling experiences that you shouldn't miss.

Amazing Contexts

Every ten rounds of play, the setting changes once, from a busy metropolis to a strange woodland or treacherous high mountain routes, and so on. All are precisely crafted to improve the gaming experience. The backdrop visuals are stunning, adding to the overall beauty of the game.

Plenty of unique obstacles

In addition to the problems caused by the terrain arrangement, there are also unusual cars. They suddenly appear and attack the red car you're driving. Consequently, in order to combat them, it is essential to arm oneself with the most cutting-edge weapons technology. Remember that you must not allow them to prevent you from finishing the race.

Advanced upgrades

It is important to continuously develop your racing vehicle and make it more competitive. Once you've amassed a certain number of rubies, you should go to the store to upgrade some necessary parts and features, thereby boosting your advantage in the next adventure. 

  • Gadgets: This is an incredible upgrade option, in which players must collect a specific number of objects in order to swap them for additional supporting features such as the red button, ram, magnet, and shocker. You may get these things by collecting blue iron boxes throughout the races you participate in.
  • Guns: The shop provides four gun types: slingshot, shotgun, saw gun, and machine gun. Players must save up enough gems to purchase and improve each one to the third level, which is the highest level available.
  • Bombs: Bombs are among the most helpful weapons in combat, next to rifles. In this game, there are four very destructive types of extreme explosives. Like with guns, you must accumulate enough rubies to unlock and improve them.
  • Upgrades: There are three options to upgrade: armor, turbo, and engine

How To Play

  • Gas = Up arrow key = “W”
  • Left = Left arrow key = “A”
  • Right = Right arrow key = “D”
  • Brake = Down arrow key = “S”
  • Bombs = Spacebar
  • Turbo = “X”

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