Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer

Join a new racing games with Ridge Racer game. In this game, you will race with other cars and try to use your car skills to win. There are also some tools to help you such as: nitro boost to speep up, bomb to slow other cars so your vehicle can surpass. Moreover, there are some obstacles on the race so you need to avoid them by jump over or it will make you slow down. After the race, if you win, you will gain some advantages as a reward. For instance, pick one among 2 rewards below: 

 - Agressive start: start next level with 1 bomb
 - Barrel barrier: +11% constant immunity against explosive barrels (expires after 1 level)
Have fun!

Game controls:
A,D or left arrow, right arrow: move
Q or Space bar: jump
Shift: nitro boost
Enter: bomb other racers 

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