Road Climb Racer

Road Climb Racer

Road Climb Racer is about to take you on the journey of a lifetime, so fasten your seatbelts, step on the pedal, and hang on tight! You'll take on the character of Tom, a youthful aspirant uphill racer. He is going to embark on a voyage that will take him back to his previous location. Without regard for the laws of physics, you can travel from a hill to a mountain, from a metropolitan area to a rural area, or even to the moon! Select from a variety of difficulties in distinctive locales for hill climbing with different types of vehicles. Gain advantages by using flipping tricks To upgrade the car and receive new styles, speed, acceleration, and jumps, compete against numerous foes and earn cash.

How To Play

PC controls: To speed up or slow down, use the keyboard arrows or the game buttons.

Mobile and Tablet Controls: Toggle the brake and acceleration buttons on the display.

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