Shape-Shifting allows you to have fun altering a range of cars to adapt to wacky racing circuits. This game promises a lot of amazing adventures.

Eye-Catching Graphics And Vivid Sound

Although the game has a basic design, its vivid, eye-catching colors provide a highly harmonic overall impression. Every additional sound complements every action, creating an absolutely perfect playground.

Unique Gameplay

This game boasts exceptional gameplay, requiring players to select vehicles appropriate for the terrain. This racetrack elicits incredible emotions as players face off against formidable artificial intelligence opponents. Being the first to finish wins more rewards.

Diverse Vehicles And Challenges

For each terrain, the player will decide whether to transform into the appropriate vehicle to reach the finish line as soon as possible. For instance, when ascending stairs or scaling a mountain, the player should switch to runner mode; on a flat road, they should transform into a car; in the presence of water, they should transform into a boat or use a plane to fly over high barriers, among other scenarios.


Each time you successfully complete the race and cross the finish line, you will receive a certain amount of money. After collecting enough, you can upgrade your vehicles.

How To Play

Click on the vehicle that shows up on the screen to convert it into the one you choose.

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