Bike Stunt Racing Legend

Bike Stunt Racing Legend

Bike Stunt Racing Legend offers a simulated bike race with many breathtaking stunts. It's time to show off your super-driving skills on challenging roads.

Unique Racing Tracks

In this world, you can encounter extremely unique racetrack designs. Set in the air with a narrow track area, it increases excitement for those who are passionate about adventure games. Not only is it limited in area, but it is also full of hidden obstacles. Are you a competent driver who can reach the finish line safely?


Each winning round rewards the player with a certain amount of gold. This is the premise for opening up the opportunity to own one of three extremely modern motorbike models locked in the game's shop. Accumulate a lot of money in the game rounds to be able to buy a collection of super cool cars.

How To Play

Control = WASD = Arrow keys

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