Chaos Road Combat Car Racing

Chaos Road Combat Car Racing

Chaos Road Combat Car Racing is an exciting racing and shooting game you shouldn't miss. You can collect help to upgrade your gun and create advantages.

Dangerous Racetrack

This race is fraught with danger due to the dense concentration of vehicles on the road. These factors have the potential to halt the game, and they represent targets that you must eliminate. Those vehicles not only block your way, but they also attack back. When your car continuously moves forward automatically, this is not an effortless journey. Players can only control their vehicles to change lanes to avoid collisions. The ultimate goal is to get to the final boss fight and win.

Incredible Supports And Rewards

When you successfully eliminate obstacles, they will appear with various forms of assistance, including increased ammo, healing, and armor. To give yourself an advantage, try to collect them all so you can stay alive until you confront the boss. Aside from that, you can also find sparkling gold coins. You can use this money to upgrade some features or unlock beautiful car models. They are all available in the garage, waiting for you to explore.

How To Play

Move = Mouse

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