Speed Racer

Speed Racer

Get ready for high-octane 8-bit racing action in Speed Racer by strapping into your pixelated racecar. This classic racing game from the 1980s has been recreated in an arcade setting. Choose your vehicle, then race it across more than 50 difficult tracks situated in beautiful settings. Set record lap times by avoiding dangerous chicanes, picking the best paths, and precision drifting.

If you collide with another racer, you'll need to recover quickly. Courses become more dangerous when there is erratic weather, like rain. To unlock new vehicles with a variety of stats, beat set lap times. Speed Racer is a throwback with its slick retro visuals and thumping chiptune soundtrack. Beat your own records or compete on leaderboards. Start your engine in Speed Racer if you enjoy the challenge and aesthetic of retro racers.

How To Play

Use touch buttons or keyboard.

Keyboard : A, D, Space Bar, Left and Right Arrow Keys.

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