Street Racer Underground

Street Racer Underground

Purchase your brand new vehicle in Street Racer Underground and customize it to your liking until you have successfully completed the mission! In the endless mode, strive to reach as many checkpoints as possible. Evade pursuing cops or engage in challenging racing events against other drivers. You have your partner by your side to provide support! Remember to thoroughly mix your nitro to maximize the speed boost it provides! Experience the captivating rhythm of sweet music and immerse yourself in stunning top-notch graphics.

How To Play

Go through checkpoints quickly while in the endless mode. Take your best score to new heights.

Your reward increases at every checkpoint!

Be careful—they are getting harder to get to every time!

Remember to avoid the cops!

Enter the street racing hall of fame by paying the entrance fee for one of the four race categories!

Only the top finisher becomes the champion; the top three finishers receive prizes!

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