Stunt Extreme

Stunt Extreme

Stunt Extreme is a thrilling stunt driving game with 80 difficult levels that will put your driving prowess to the test. Your objective is to ride your motorcycle through dangerous maps filled with treacherous tracks, risky loops, and enormous jumps. The gameplay focuses on timing acceleration, braking, and maneuvering to maintain control while performing life-threatening stunts. To get the most air time, launch a jump at top speed. To earn points and accomplish freestyle goals, you can spin and flip your vehicle while it's in the air. Perform precise drifting and hairpin turns without crashing. Earn stars by completing the level's objectives and keeping your vehicle intact. Stunt Extreme captures the thrill of performing flawless stunts on wheels with a garage of vehicles to unlock, dynamic camera angles, and an upbeat soundtrack.


How To Play

Race your bike to reach the first spot.

Use up and down swipes to change lanes and left and right to balance your bike.

You can tilt or touch your mobile to ride the bike.

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