Tail Gun Charlie

Tail Gun Charlie

Simulating aerial warfare, Tail Gun Charlie promises to bring you into a world full of thrills. In the heat of battles, defend yourself against plane waves. You are surrounded by enemies, they are everywhere. Now, what you need to do is use weapons to shoot them down. It is time to demonstrate your superhuman shooting ability. Do not allow anyone to approach you and inflict damage. Complete missions and unlock new weapons to increase your fighting power. In addition, you can participate in side missions such as daily tasks, attendance, the reward wheel, etc. This will allow you to accumulate coins and diamonds.


  • The graphics and movements are very flexible, creating a great feeling when playing.
  • There are many interesting machine-detail upgrades.
  • There are many other interesting activities to earn diamonds and gold coins: daily tasks, daily attendance, etc.

How To Play

  • Cockpit controls: Arrow keys/Mouse.
  • Shoot: L, J, K.

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