Traffic Jam 3D

Traffic Jam 3D

In the online driving game Traffic Jam 3D, you have to control a car on a congested highway without hitting any other cars.

There are 80 stages in the game's career mode to finish, each with a unique goal and setting. You can also play in free mode and take your time getting to know the city. By completing levels, you can earn money that you can spend on new cars and upgrades for your handling, acceleration, and speed. In order to improve your performance and clear your path, you can also utilize the nitro and horn.

The game has fluid controls, realistic physics, and 3D graphics. The arrow keys or WASD are used to control the direction of the car, while the space bar is used to brake, the N key to turn on the nitro, the E key to turn on the horn and light, and the C key to switch the camera's angle. On the screen, you can also check your time, score, distance, and level.

All ages and ability levels can play the game. It is an entertaining and demanding method to put your reflexes and driving abilities to the test in a busy traffic environment. Additionally, you can play against other players online and view your position on the scoreboard.

How To Play

WASD or Arrow keys to play this game

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