Turbo Trucks Race

Turbo Trucks Race

Unwind with Turbo Trucks Race, a unique high-speed game. Accelerate and race forward to experience the thrilling sensation that spreads to every cell.

Impressive Gameplay Modes

Here, players can face formidable AI opponents in single-player mode and challenge friends in an engaging two-player mode. Each mode offers a unique experience that will captivate you. It's time to hop into your truck, grab the wheel, and show your rivals your racing prowess.


Can you believe it? There are up to fifteen progressively challenging levels for you to explore. Each race is an exhilarating and suspenseful challenge that players shouldn't miss out on. The prize money also increases with each level, so challenge yourself now to earn a substantial reward.

New Skins

The game offers eight car models with diverse styles and colors for players to choose from. However, to unlock some of these cars, players must complete levels and earn a certain amount of money for purchases.

How To Play

Player 1

  • Control = W, A, S, D
  • Nitro = L-Shift
  • Change Camera = C

Player 2

  • Move = Arrow keys
  • Nitro = R-Shift
  • Change Camera = M

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