Embrace the thrill of colliding with speeding cars in Car-Robot-Transform-Fighting-Online. Then head to the arena, grab your weapons, and fight like a hero.

Experience The Rush

Enjoy the barrier-free race track. Start the race against three formidable AI opponents. This is your world, dive into it by bravely crashing into other moving cars. The vehicle accelerates automatically, kicking off an exhilarating race against competitive opponents.

Fight Like A Hero

Transitioning from race car to robot form marks the beginning of an intense battle. Your immediate task is to sprint to the weapon's place to secure the best armament before your opponents do. Additionally, players can also collect healing in the circular light area with a blue plus sign. The game offers a variety of combat skills that enhance the excitement of each engagement. Use them strategically, balancing defense and offense, to keep your health bar from dropping dangerously low and avoid losing the round prematurely.

How To Play

Racing phase

  • Race: Mouse/ WASD/ Arrow keys
  • Nitro: spacebar

Tough battle

  • Fight: Mouse

A Small Tip For You

You can choose not to be too competitive during the racing phase. Let your opponents race ahead and eliminate each other, so you only have to face one remaining opponent. However, the downside is that you won't be able to pick your weapons.

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