GT Cars Super Racing

GT Cars Super Racing

Immerse yourself in GT Cars Super Racing, a fun driving game with a classic 80s vibe. Enjoy challenging zigzag tracks that get tougher with each round.

Gameplay Mechanics and Features

This driving game's gameplay is both intriguing and impactful. The controls are exceptionally easy, making them suitable for all ages and skill levels. Players can enjoy up to 21 rounds, each offering multiple challenging paths to test their driving abilities. The smooth and fluid animations and visuals heighten the tension as the game progresses. Passionate gamers can fully immerse themselves in exhilarating, high-speed actions, designed as a seamless playground.

Limited Time

Try to give each race your best effort and closely monitor the allocated time to complete each round. In the "Times" section of the main menu, you can view the time limits for each round. Use this information to strategize and ensure you finish the race within the time constraints.

How To Play

  • Drive = WASD = Arrow keys
  • Pause  = P
  • Select = Mouse

Strategies and Tips for Success

When navigating turns, smoothly combine keys and collect additional fuel to keep your car running efficiently.

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