Fire Truck Driving Simulator

Fire Truck Driving Simulator

Undergo the thrill of being a professional firefighter in the Fire Truck Driving Simulator. Enjoy four engaging game modes that are sure to keep you hooked. In ten challenging levels, the player must skillfully control the fire truck to swiftly reach the fire's location and successfully put it out. The fire steadily intensifies throughout the level mode, emphasizing the player's critical objective. Additionally, city mode enables participation in urgent emergency missions. In free mode, bravely learn firefighting techniques. Lastly, in parking mode, diligently focus on honing your parking abilities and patiently cultivating your skills. You can see that each level brings a unique experience, so don't miss the opportunity to enjoy them today.

Varied Game Modes

  • Levels Mode (ten levels)
  • City Mode
  • Free Mode
  • Parking Mode (ten levels)

How To Play

  • Move = WASD = Arrow keys = Mouse
  • Complete The Mission = Mouse

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