Head Soccer 2024

Head Soccer 2024

Come and immerse yourself in the dramatic virtual Head Soccer 2024's thrilling atmosphere. It promises to deliver an entertaining football playground. Apart from selecting one or two-player mode, gamers may choose one of ten teams matching ten different nations to engage in competition. Despite its basic gameplay, this game retains its appeal. After selecting their teams, players participate in a virtual arena. The primary aim is to score as many goals as possible in the given period. In addition to offensive play, defending the goal is also crucial. It's time to prove your exceptional soccer skills by beating all rivals for your home team.

Incredibly Enjoyable Game Modes

  • 1P: After selecting the country that will represent the competition, players are assigned to compete randomly with AI opponents. These are formidable opponents, so train yourself to have quick reflexes to adapt to your opponent's counterattacks.
  • 2P: Player one uses the WASD keys to select a team; similarly, player two uses the arrow keys. After using the mouse to click on the word "play,"  a passionate battle begins. Here is a perfect soccer field for you to compete with your friends, family members, etc. It's time to find out who is the top scorer.

How To Play

For one player mode:

  • Move = Arrow keys
  • Shoot = X, Z

For two players mode:

Player 1

  • Control = WASD
  • Shoot = V, B

Player 2

  • Control = Arrow keys
  • Shoot = K, L

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