Monster Truck Stunts Pro

Monster Truck Stunts Pro

Savor the great Monster Truck Stunts Pro racing circuit.  You should attempt this playground, as it promises to offer numerous extremely unique experiences! The spiral roads create an extremely thrilling experience, accompanied by flying into the air and extreme somersaults. Above all, the music perfectly complements the pictures, which feature striking colors. All of this, combined, evokes all of the player's senses. In addition to enjoying the extremely adventurous racetrack designs, don't forget the task of collecting plenty of coins. Since it's the key to unlocking a collection of seven truly amazing vehicles. It's time to immerse yourself in the game's rapid pace, forgetting all the worries and worries of life.

Game Features

  • The color scheme in the graphics is visually stimulating.
  • This game offers up to seven modern car models corresponding to different prices.
  • Enjoy up to ten mini-levels with a variety of track designs. There is also a “Free Roam” mode that allows players to freely explore every corner of this virtual world, as well as collect more coins.

How To Play

  • Drive and Balance = W, A, S, D
  • Nitro = Shift
  • Slice The Car = Space
  • Tumble = Z, X, C

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