MR RACER - Car Racing

MR RACER - Car Racing

MR RACER - Car Racing promises to create a visually appealing playground. This is one of the best racing games that you must try at least once in your life.

Various Captivating Game Modes And Locations

Players can choose from up to six amazing game modes, each with a unique difficulty and experience, when they engage in this enchanted world of driving. For instance, there are up to 100 little stages in challenge mode that test your amazing racing prowess. Take on challenging journeys from beginner to legend in Career Race mode. In addition, players can also experience other modes such as Endless, Free Ride, Chase, and Time Trial.

Apart from that, the game provides a plethora of extremely fulfilling locations, like Beautiful Night, Drifting Snow, Brown Mountains, and more. In every environment, savor every flaming moment. Without a doubt, superb 3D graphics support every bizarre aspect of the game, which makes every landscape extremely charming.

Diverse Upgrade Features

You may investigate a lot of intriguing upgrading options in the game's Garage section:

  • The game offers over ten models of luxury cars. Not only are they different in design, but features such as speed, handling, and brakes are also different.
  • From the twelve colors offered, players may alter the color of their automobile however they see fit. Besides that, this game also has numerous other options, including the car's name, wheels, lights, and stance. Players may enhance handling, speed, and brakes to allow their cars to adapt to all the challenges the game throws at them.

Item Locking

Possessing an item in the garage is not an effortless task. Players must meet specific conditions to unlock. Therefore, to be able to upgrade your car, players need to participate in rounds and then accumulate a certain amount of money. This amount of money can help players open up opportunities to own locked items.

How To Play

  • Brake = Down arrow key = “S”
  • Acceleration = Up arrow key = “W”
  • Steer left/right = Left/right arrow key = A/D
  • Change Camera = “C”
  • Horn = “H”
  • Back/Pause = “Esc”

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