Help the small frog in Frogga safely navigate through the busy traffic. Use your precise control and quick reflexes to set your own high score!

Gameplay That Is Simple Yet Impressive

Crossing the road is no simple task, even a minor mistake can injure the frog. The challenge extends beyond navigating through fast-moving traffic, offering many other exciting obstacles along the character's journey. The player's objective is straightforward: help the little frog progress forward, conquer all challenges, collect a large amount of gold coins, and cover a long distance. In addition, the game's controls are accessible, making it appealing to a diverse range of players of all ages.


In the game's shop, you'll find a range of new interfaces in vibrant colors for the tiny character. To own one, help the frog gather a specific amount of gold coins for exchange. With these beautifully crafted skins offered in the game, you can build your collection!

How To Play

Move = Left, right, up arrow keys = W, A, D

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