Ace Car Racing

Ace Car Racing

It is time to explore the many interesting track maps in Ace Car Racing. Will you successfully reach the finish line before time runs out? The game provides many racing scenes for players to change, helping them not get bored. Furthermore, the graphics and colors are very harmonious, accompanied by vibrant music, creating an exciting atmosphere when playing the game. Don't forget to collect items scattered on the road, they all have their own effects. You can upgrade your car with the coins you earn. In addition, modern car models are unlocked with diamonds, so try to collect as much as possible.

How To Play

WASD/arrow keys/ mouse.

Tips and Tricks

Use gold coins to upgrade your car to make it easier to win. In addition, when you collect three blue lightning bolts, your car will accelerate for a short time. This is very good for racing against the specified time.

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