Hillside Drive Master

Hillside Drive Master

Brace for a riotously chaotic trucking escapade as Hillside Drive Master drops players smack into a custom monster truck shoehorned with panicking stickmen passengers. As an unlucky driver on this bumpy mountain joyride, transport the stick figures safely or sacrifice them ruthlessly - the only rule is make it downhill in one piece, no matter the cost!

As rickety wooden bridges, teetering cliffs and plenty of surprise calamities litter the perilous path, players must expertly maneuver their ride down the twisting hillside while pulling high-speed stunts to keep passengers petrified. Launch off makeshift ramps for some major airtime then crush the hapless stickmen under upon gravity-driven impact for sadistic bonus points. Careen sideways off rockfaces to send passengers tumbling or burst straight through destructible barriers for maximum vehicular mayhem. Thanks to wacky realistic physics, even botching a landing can equal truck-flipping results.

And since personality drives performance, customization plays a huge role too for distinguishing one's metal monster from the rest. Trick out that truck cab with wicked horns, spikes or flashy paint jobs using coins collected en route. Unlock bumpers perfect for bashing or stylish spoilers and nitro boosters to really let ‘er rip both aesthetically and adrenaline-wise. With dozens of cosmetic and functional upgrades at players’ fingertips, design a truck as wild as the downhill demolition derbies ahead!

Don't fret about fragile human cargo - the only finish line demanding satisfaction is your own! So grab that wheel, step on the gas and let gravity work its reckless magic in Hillside Drive Master. With explosive truck physics, environmental chaos aplenty and endless customization options, here is one downhill demolition derby not to be missed!

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