Ultimate Flying Car 3D

Ultimate Flying Car 3D

Ultimate Flying Car 3D's players can now navigate their cars to incredible heights. Now they not only drive on the ground but also in this vast sky. Discover for yourself the thrilling new worlds that are around you. All are painstakingly crafted in order to provide the most enjoyable experience possible for gamers. Not only will you be tested on your driving abilities, but also on your ability to fly. You have to make sure that the speed of the car is balanced, and you must also remember to gather money. As soon as you have amassed a specific amount of money, you will be able to unlock some brand new automobile designs that are quite contemporary and stunning. You are the only one who can unlock them at this time. Because they are presently locked.

How To Play

Begin this amazing voyage by using the arrow keys to maneuver this car. If you wish to start flight mode, hit the F key. In this mode, use the up and down arrow keys to conduct the necessary operations.

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